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Tim Sales

I have always taught people that the single most important skill to focus on learning in order to truly achieve success is Inviting.

From that one skill, empires are built.

From that one skill, confidence is king.

If you are not able to invite anybody, anywhere, at anytime with ease, comfort and confidence, then you will be by the time you have completed Professional Inviter!

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Professional Inviter Online Training Modules

Professional Inviter CD Set & Workbook

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  • Seven complete Training modules that take you through every single step of Inviting.
  • Live inviting calls done by me personally that show you each step in action
  • An Online Workbook with transcripts and exercises you can do as you go through the modules
  • The Inviting Scripts - which you will use until you have mastered each step so that you actually start improving right away
  • The Entire 7-CD set for those times when online learning is not available to you (driving in the car for example)
  • The complete transcripts are also included in the workbook so you can read along as you listen to the CDs or the online version
  • and hard copy workbook loaded with exercises that help you learn faster and better as you go through the training
  • All Seven Modules are available to you immediately after you upgrade your purchase
  • and the CDs & workbook are shipped to you door absolutely free!

Here's Just a Fraction of What You'll Learn

  • The 2 critical roles you must embrace so that you'll be a truly successful network marketer
  • The hard truth about the person who says they don’t like sales so that you’ll be able to offer them an almost instant solution.
  • The “aha moment” waiting for you when you finally know where your business-building focus needs to be, and how easy it is for you to get it there.
  • How to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, even arguments, as you promote your business, so that you can focus on the things that really make your business grow.
  • Why it’s not just what you say, but how you say it, and why knowing how you say it is what opens the door to your own success
  • The real reason you may not have succeeded yet in network marketing. And why it’s not your fault, so that you can move beyond the blame and into the game.
  • The common prospecting question you should never ask, and what to ask instead so that you can get that prospect!
  • The major “skill-divide” between “big money” networkers and those who complain endlessly about how the company is already saturated, and what to do about it so that you are not taken out when you could have succeeded.
  • The very worst thing you could ever say when a prospect shares their hobbies and interests with you so that you don't lose that prospect.
  • How to climb the “prospecting ladder” so your team is sponsoring new leaders into your business on a regular basis.
  • What people are really buying from you in network marketing. Knowing this gives you the expert perspective you need to attract more prospects than ever before and ensure your success.
  • and so very much more

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Why Should You Use the Skills That I Teach in Pro Inviter?

As you already know, your success in Network Marketing is determined by a few factors, but the single-most important one is how well you can invite. Real inviting is much, much more than a 30-minute pep talk and a list of friends to call.

Make No Mistake! Inviting Is an Art and a Science!

Your mastery of it has everything to do with your success! Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

I know what I’m talking about, I spent many years mastering it. These are the same techniques I used to build my own downline to 56,000 people in several countries. I still enjoy today the millionaire status that I earned with these techniques.

Professional Inviter is the complete training course that I developed so anybody could master inviting and build their business. Let’s face it, this course wouldn’t still be the top-selling course on the subject of inviting a whole decade after its release unless it worked!

With that kind of success behind this one training course, it means you don’t have to suffer, struggle, or rack up massive losses to get a few wins. There’s a much better way. We’ve all heard of people who quit because they couldn’t master inviting. Well you don’t have to be one of those people.

Here’s the Typical Results People Get When They’ve had No Real Training in Inviting

      • Rejection and Frustration
      • Abuse and Humiliation
      • Failed Closes
      • Slow Downline Growth
      • A Shrinking Downline
      • Failure

      Here’s What People Who Have Studied and Used the Professional Inviter Course Get

      • Acceptance, Respect, Confidence & Competence
      • Real Relationships
      • Rapid and Stable Downline Growth
      • A Downline That Can Work Independently and Effectively
      • Loyalty and Dedication
      • Financial Freedom, Success & Real Wealth

      Seriously, Which Scenario Looks Better to You?

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      Success is Yours.

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      Competence is Yours.

      Right Here and Right Now.

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      Still Not Sure If Professional Inviter Is Right for You? Then Look at This . . .

      • Did you know there is an actual formula that you can follow to invite people?
      • Yes and you’ll learn all the steps of that Inviting Formula and how to apply them in any situation.
      • You’ll learn what being interested in your prospect does for your closing ratio.
      • How to get your prospect to really open up to you and share with you his goals and purposes — even if it is the first contact.
      • You’re going to become truly expert on the science of following up.
      • You will know what it really means means to qualify a prospect.
      • And you’ll start qualifying them on the correct information (and it isn’t what you think it is).
      • You will learn all the sequential steps of this formula and how to bring your prospect through every single one of them.
      • And then we’re going to move forward into other important points of inviting. (I did say there are seven full training CDs, so there’s much to know on this subject.
      • You’re also going to learn how to practice and drill these things I’m teaching you and you’ve got a massive workbook full of exercises to help you accomplish that- it’s that practice that helps you master it!

      I could keep going on here, but I think you get it . . . Professional Inviter is your Map to the New World


      Our Promise to You

      We know how good this training is and we know that you will too very soon. But you don’t know that yet, so we’re giving you this guarantee. Take a full 90 days to review this training, if you’re not satisfied simply return the product for a prompt refund, no questions asked!


      Yes! It's Time for Me To Get Pro Inviter!

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      I'll Leave You with This . . .

      Kate Moller

      “I’ve become a total sponsoring machine and I know with absolute confidence how to train my team.”

      Kate Moller
      Heidi Swander

      Professional Inviter has given me more confidence in approaching prospects.  I am no longer prospecting with desperation.

      Heidi Swander
      James Kellett

      I’ve just sponsored 4 new distributors in 24 hours.  professional Inviter is a fantastic tool.  Thank you so much.

      James Kellett
      Lacey Swartz

      I love the New Professional Inviter Study Guide! I think its really going to help people free up their time.  It’s been a really big help to me personally in my own development.

      Lacey Swartz
      Nick Roditis

      I’ve been in Network Marketing for over ten years, and am a top leader in my company.  I’m even a member of the exclusive Million Dollar Club. Professional Inviter is the top of my list of training resources.

      Nick Roditis
      Donna Detwiler

      I was able to help my group achieve a 100% success rate. Each person that we invited to look at either our products or our business became either a distributor or a customer.

      Donna Detwiler

      I have been in network marketing for about five years. I’ve had numerous attempts at  building a downline and over those years I’ve had a problem with duplication. I’ve been a natural salesperson, very skilled in my trade. The problem was that everyone thought they had to be me.

      When I was exposed to Tim Sales’ material, I really liked Tim’s style. Being an ex-Navy guy myself, I took a liking to his story and I liked the way that he had explained himself in great detail to make sure that there was no doubt of the message being conveyed.

      When you talk about inviting, everybody thinks inviting is a very simple process like, “Well, how hard can it be? You just invite them to look at your material.” And course the age-old expression within network marketing is, “Oh, you just have them watch a video and you come back, find out what they like and try to convince them to do what you’re doing. That’s not the case here. In this case Tim has distinctively broken down the process to simplify network marketing as a whole as to the invite, the presentation, and then training process.

      I’ve seen my team move from more timid, more excuse-driven, more of a busy, shuffling attitude rather than doing what they needed to do. And they’ve actually began to change… their confidence has been changed, because they now know what to say, how to say it, how to approach, and how to get into depth more with their prospects.

      I think it helped of all us realize the difference in truly wanting to help somebody for themselves or truly trying to help so you can sponsor someone. It’s very enlightening in this avenue.

      I’m seeing a much more confident group since we’ve been using Tim’s stuff. I’ve seen an improvement in my confidence, my swagger, and it’s becoming a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

      So, you know – it becomes fun in the process instead of dreading to go up and talk to somebody about my network marketing opportunity.

      I am no longer concerned about what the decision is by the individual because it’s truly their decision. I know I’m not doing the things that will create bad or good decisions on their part. I think a prospect is a prospect, but the things we say can make them become negative or positive, and the way we handle ourselves in the process will also change their opinion in a good or a bad way. And in this industry that’s a huge problem that’s occurring.

      What Tim has done is address that issue by teaching people how to behave and how to speak and respond in the future.

      So Tim, my hat’s off to you. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us and keep putting out the good material, we appreciate it.

      Lonnie Embry

      Yes! Pro Inviter Is Mine!

      Get Started NowFor Only $131.10!