I can show you how to convert lots of prospects into new recruits or customers each and every day with one simple but powerful technique.

Converting Prospects Can Be as Natural and Easy as Breathing


There was a time when getting prospects to talk to me was the hardest part of my job.

Actually, getting them to listen to me was even harder. But that's not the case anymore.

In fact, I have more prospects converting to customers and recruits that I ever thought possible.

And you can too.

  • This is not hype. Anybody who knows me or who has done my training knows I deal only in the nuts and bolts, because that's what builds a business.
  • When I teach you how to do something, you become an expert in fundamental business building skills that you will then use every day-- from here on out.
  • I show you how so that you can do it yourself day in and day out and never fail again.

After all my years in the industry, there isn't much that I haven't tried, been exposed to, or failed at. It's safe to say that I've forgotten more than most people will ever learn. In fact, I’ve made millions of dollars in this industry. I’ve lead organizations of over 56,000 people. I’ve been interviewed by Larry King about the legitimacy of the network marketing industry.

My video, Brilliant Compensation, has been used in courts of law to help provide the truth about Network Marketing. I’ve sponsored thousands of leaders and producers onto my team.

So I've earned the credentials to teach others how to do things the right way, which will result in a professional and expanding business.

But in the early days I wasn't successful. I used to get frustrated when trying to reach out to prospects. I really had no idea what I was doing.

So let me tell you this from the heart, and from personal experience...

 I Get It. I Really Do. 

It's Not You, It's What You've Been Taught

Like most people in the industry, you're likely loaded with tactics that don't build a business. You may even think your dismal success is all on you.

That's just not true.  You see, poor training or techniques will almost always make people fail.

You're probably overloaded with free advice. I'm sure you've attempted tactics that you can now say for yourself DON'T WORK!

Now that you've been down that route, pat yourself on the back -- you survived!   Maybe a bit war torn and scarred but you are still in the game!

And I've got really good news for you.  Real help is on the way. 

Success Begins with the First Thing You Say

If There Was only One Thing I Could Teach You This Would Be It

This technique is so basic, so fundamental and so critical to the entire relationship with every prospect you meet that when you skip this one step, everything else falls apart. It never fails.

In this ten-minute training course, "What You Say First" you are going to learn the single most important thing to think, say and do with each and every prospect.

You can spend hours searching the web, hunting through Amazon and other "hot spots" downloading eBooks, and slide shows.  You can spend days and days watching online videos and you will not learn what I'm about to teach you in this online training course.

More importantly, you can start using this skill with your next prospect in only 15 minutes from now. It is that simple to learn.

But don't let its simplicity fool you.  Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful things. And this is one of those times.

You do not have to spend days and weeks and months learning how to convert your prospects into customers and recruits with this technique.

You learn it, you use it, and it stays with you forever.

Here's What I'm Revealing to You in This New Video Course

  • The Real Reason Businesses Exist

    When you know the real reason for ANY business to be in existence and can use that information in your own business, then there is no stopping what you can actually accomplish for yourself and your prospects.

  • The Four Most Important Words You'll Ever Say

    These are the words that will get prospects to listen to you and contribute to your conversation, so that you both begin true relationship building.

  • Learn How You Avoid Saying the Wrong Thing

    Your conversations will be easy and enjoyable. Imagine how it will feel to look forward to starting conversations and talking to people instead of feeling like it’s a chore and knowing that each conversation really is the start of a whole new future with your prospects.

  • Discover one of the biggest lies in the industry

    Learn why this “lie” is not the key to the business – Discover what the real key to the business is. And when you use this “key” your prospects will stop avoiding your calls and running away from you.

I'm Giving You the Exact Techniques I Use Every Day

what-you-say-first-product-imageIf it works for me, then it's going to work for you.  I test, tweak, test and perfect everything I do before I release it to you.

In this case, you are getting my technique that was proven successful more than 20 years ago and still works to this day.

In fact, with all the mistrust that the internet can give people, this technique is more powerful today than it was when I first discovered it and started using it myself.

Just Watch How Effective You Become

How enjoyable is it to get up every morning and wonder, how many prospects will you fail to close today? Wouldn't you like it a lot more if you got up in the morning thinking something more positive and productive, like I bet I'll meet my goals today, probably even surpass them!

Here's the Real Proof

I only wish I could have gotten his training years ago. There is nothing else out there like his training

Lois Downing

Now, I can talk to 40 prospects, and get 12 to 15 people looking at my opportunity.

Michelle Schooley

I’ve become a total sponsoring machine and I know with absolute confidence how to train my team.

Kate Moller

I have never experienced such fantastic training. You, Tim Sales are the most astounding trainer that I have ever heard! You even converted my husband, who would never consider MLM. I truly see you as a master trainer/educator. Thank you for your dedication to perfection.

Vivien Rogers

Tim. You've hit the nail on the head with this brilliant video. I love your training which is always up to date and realistic.

Anne Davis

Tim is a straight up master in his subject... good teacher, simple and to the point.

Cynthia Diaz Calvo

Tim, ever since I've known you which has been well over 10 years or more, you never cease to bring quality information. This was absolutely fantastic! This gets down to the REAL stuff that you can build a business on for years to come. Thanks for your continually bringing value to our industry! EXCITED about the possibilities.

Ivan Harris, Sr.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Your training is awesome! So many others are hype with little of real value. You are the opposite – lots of valuable training with a little hype.

Alan Eames

I'm truly humbled by all of their kind words, and grateful for the opportunity to share what I've learned over the last couple of decades with others.

I  love helping people build their business. That's why I'm very excited to share this special online training course, "What to Say First" with you for only $7!

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Reason #1: $7 puts what I consider to be the most important thing to learn within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning network marketer.

Reason #2: Anyone who's not serious enough about their network marketing business in 2015 to invest $7 into an online training course isn't going to take the time to use the technique laid out in the video anyway.

Reason #3: Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this report has the opportunity to start effectively converting prospects into customers and recruits right away!

So if you're serious about building your network marketing business in 2015, this course is for you.

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